14 april 2004 demonstration against software patents

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Online Demo

From 5 April till 15 April 2004, a lot of websites will take part in an online demonstration. Show your concern about the proposed European software patents directive. Join the online demo. Even if you only run a small site, you make a difference. List of participating sites.

Goals :

  • Promote the demonstration on 14 april in Brussels
  • Catch the attention of politicians and the general public

How to participate?

From April 5 to April 15, you might want to:
  • present visitors to your site with an online demo page first. Here are some templates.
  • If closing for ten days is not possible, please try to at least close on April 7 and April 14.
  • add one of these online demo banners to (every page of) your site
  • change the color theme of your site to something slightly darker, so visitors notice something is different
  • add your site to the list of online demo participants

Online demo templates

Read more about software patents on swpat.ffii.org
Last updated: 14/04/2004