14 april 2004 demonstration against software patents

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How to get there ?

Where ?

Brussels, Square de Meeus, april 2004 at 11h

By Train

There is a railway station 'Bruxelles Luxembourg' near Place du Luxembourg. You can find the timetables of the Belgian railway company on B-rail.be.

By Metro, Tram and Bus

Eurolines has busses from lots of places in Europe at nice prices. Check their website or call + 32 2 274 13 50.

The railway station 'Brussel Luxemburg/ Bruxelles Luxembourg' is near Place du Luxembourg. The map of the metro and bus is available here. There are regular busses from Brussels airport to Place du Luxembourg too.

By car

There are several people from everywhere in Europe who are comming to Brussels by car. You can try to join someone who is already comming by car. Please use this page to find people.

Use an online roadmap to find the way from your place.

By plane

Several airlines have flights from/to Brussels National airport. Relatively cheap tickets are available from Virgin Express. Ryanair has flights to 'Brussels South', approximately 50 km from Brussels.

Read more about software patents on swpat.ffii.org
Last updated: 14/04/2004