Software Patent Decision Withdrawn from Agricultural Council Agenda at Poland's Request


During the meeting of the Council of Ministers next Tuesday the agreement on the directive "On the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions" is scheduled to be officially adopted.

The Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of each EU member state will represent their country there.

The directive in its current form would pave the way for software patents. The EU parliament, which would have to deal with the directive next, would have considerable problems to prevent this.

Help us to draw your ministers attention on what they have to account for on Tuesday.

Place this open letter on the home page of your website. If that appears too drastic for you, just link to it with this banner.

When your minister uses the web at the beginning of the week, he or she should not miss what is of importance to many people.

Also very helpful would be a Fax directly to your ministry. Depending on your time and possibilities this is even preferable.

The council is trying to hastily push the directive trough. Similar net campaigns in the past succesfully caught public attention and gained influence.

Register your support on this page.

Thank you!

Localised versions:

  • german campaign to minister Renate Künast
  • french translation of the letter
  • banners for the french minister Bussereau
  • italian translation of the letter
  • dutch translation of the letter
  • banners for the belgian ministers Laruelle, Vandelanotte, Leterme, Verwilghen (dutch language)
  • polish translation of the letter