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The demonstrations go on because the struggle for a free and innovative Europe, without software patents, is everything but over. The European Commission stated only a week before the 17th that it "regrets very much that software patents will not be on the [Council] agenda".

It is 100% clear that the Council presidency and the Commission will try to continue to push for software patent legalisation. There is only one way to stop them: by increasing the public pressure about this issue. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by demonstrating at the doors of all European decision makers. Waiting for EU democracy just isn't enough, you have to fight for it, day after day.

See you in Brussels and Berlin!


At the Moment, the European Union works on a directive which would enforce software and business method patentability in Europe and which would even make direct claims on computer programs enforceable.

The text which the Council is trying to adopt has been agreed under high pressure and without proper review and is now opposed by the parliaments of the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, each of which would alone break the needed majority to adopt it. Trying to explain the Council's refusal to revisit this previously agreed upon, but in the mean time severely battered and already 9 months old text, a Council diplomat once said: "This is not a banana republic!"

We say: This is a Union in which the Executives, including the Commissioner, say that this directive is not about patenting software (e.g. Bolkestein: "I literally spent hours and hours trying to clear up one simple misunderstanding: our proposal on the protection of computer implemented inventions is not at all about software."), while on the other hand even the Commission itself openly admits that it is about patenting software after all: "The Council's approach is much more favourable to software patents and thus broadly in line with the Commission's initial proposal."

As long as legislation is handled like this, there is only one possible conclusion:
"This is a banana republic!"

If you organise a demonstration in another city and want it listed here, please contact webdemo-help at ffii dot org. Contact your local FFII group or associates from your region if you want to organise a demonstration.