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Software Patents: Council process segfaulted.

A list of upcoming conferences about software patenting and a Free Information Infrastructure can be found at Swpatpenmi. If you want to prepare a meeting of supporters please add it to the kwiki page. Regional events in Germany can also be found on the regional FFII website. If you want to organize a demonstration in your town or somewhere else, send an email to webdemo-help [AT] ffii [DOT] org.


We are preparing new events in Brussels.

Regional meeting

If you want to organize a meeting of local supporters, add place, date and time to our SwpatpenmiEn kwiki page. Or mail blasum [AT] ffii [DOT] org.
Read more about software patents on SWPAT.FFII.org.
Send comments and questions to office [AT] ffii [DOT] org.
Unless noted otherwise, the FFII licenses text on this page under the GFDL.
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