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On-Line Campaign

Software Patents: Council process segfaulted.

Make your web site participate in the Web Campaign! It is very important to have as many participants as possible - we want to spread the word on what's going on in the EU.
  1. Use a banner or replace your home page with a protest_page.
  2. Register your web site as a web demo supporter.
If you aren't responsible for a web site, help us convince others: For example send a mail to a mailing list associated with your favorite software tool and convince the makers of that tool to have their site participate in the web campaign.
Read more about software patents on SWPAT.FFII.org.
Send comments and questions to office [AT] ffii [DOT] org.
Unless noted otherwise, the FFII licenses text on this page under the GFDL.
Last updated: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 16:45:25 +0100